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EPDM Rubber Lining / Polyester Double Jacket
Also available with Polyurethane (TPU) Lining

• Poly-Cord™ ring spun polyester warp yarns are combined with filament polyester filler yarns.
• Available with our Ultra-Shield™ high-performance polyurethane coating applied to seal each and every fiber in the bundle, further improving the abrasion resistance, reducing moisture and chemical absorption, and providing vivid color-coded identification.
• The EPDM rubber lining is unaffected by Ozone deterioration, and is one component in the Friction Fighter System,™ creating an extremely smooth waterway surface, thereby reducing friction loss and improving nozzle performance.
• The Dura-Bond™ vulcanized adhesion system, which creates both a mechanical and chemical bond between the EPDM lining and the jacket, reduces the probability of delamination as is experienced with competitive adhesive bonded rubber lined constructions.
• The result is a very strong, flexible, and “Tuff” hose, with good heat and chemical resistance.
• Meets and exceeds all specifications for Mil-H-24606 EPDM Rubber Lined
• Both the hose and brass couplings are made and assembled in the USA.Performance shall meet and exceed NFPA1961Standards.

Available in 25, 50, 75 and 100 foot lengths

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